Three Practical Guidelines on Preparing Your Child for Day Care

Daycare facilities are beneficial for both parents and their kids. Child care centres provide a secure and regulated space for children to learn, socialise and grow under the care of professional childminders. This setup ensures that parents can go to work in peace without worrying about the well-being of their children. On the other hand, the first days of daycare can be stressful, especially for the child. While the environment is safe, kids experience distress and a range of other problems due to big changes.

Preparing for Daycare: Things to Do One Month in Advance

When a child starts daycare, it can be quite stressful for the whole family. It's a time of significant change, which can mean upheaval for everyone in your household, and that's without even considering the impact of you and your child missing each other. Although there's no way to make yourself feel completely better with your little one being away from home for the first time, a bit of advance planning certainly helps.

Child care and Early Learning in Australia: The Benefits

It has been stated that at birth the brain is the only organ that is not fully formed. Research has shown that in the first year, a child's brain doubles in capacity and by the third year, it has reached 80% of its adult size. Early child learning has been defined as the education imparted on children within the first early years of child brain development to the age when they join formal education.

A Few Tips On Selecting the Right Childcare Centre for Your Family

Choosing the right childcare centre is very important for parents, as you need to ensure your child will be well cared for and safe while you're working. Quality childcare can be expensive, but of course price alone shouldn't be the determining factor for choosing a care centre for your child. Note a few tips on selecting the right child carer for your child so you know they'll work out well for your family.