A Few Tips On Selecting the Right Childcare Centre for Your Family

Choosing the right childcare centre is very important for parents, as you need to ensure your child will be well cared for and safe while you're working. Quality childcare can be expensive, but of course price alone shouldn't be the determining factor for choosing a care centre for your child. Note a few tips on selecting the right child carer for your child so you know they'll work out well for your family.

Ask about turnover

It's good for children and infants to have some security and a sense of familiarity in their everyday routine, and this includes having the same persons as their caregivers throughout the day. If a childcare centre has a high turnover rate or is constantly changing personnel, this can be upsetting to your child, making them feel like they're always in the company of strangers.

This can also be a red flag as to the quality of the childcare centre; they may not be paying their employees a decent wage, so that those employees aren't very motivated to work. It may be that the facility is not properly maintained or the owners do not treat employees very well. This can reflect on the quality of care your child might expect, so don't hesitate to ask about the turnover rate and try to avoid a centre that consistently needs to hire new personnel.

Note discipline methods

Older children will usually need some type of discipline during their care, so ask about the policies of the centre and what they use to ensure good behaviour. Is it scolding, timeouts or loss of privileges such as the use of toys? Are children separated from others and, if so, where are they told to sit during a timeout? Be sure you check these issues so that you know there are stated policies for how discipline is handled, and children are still kept safe and secure even while being admonished.

Ask about activities

Unless your child is an infant, he or she will need some activities during the day to keep them active but without making them overly tired. Ask about the activities the centre uses so you know your child won't be parked in front of a television all day or not getting enough time for rest. Note if activities are educational, while also ensuring that the child has time to simply play. This will ensure your child's day is busy but that they won't be overly tired when you pick them up from the childcare centre.