Child care and Early Learning in Australia: The Benefits

It has been stated that at birth the brain is the only organ that is not fully formed. Research has shown that in the first year, a child's brain doubles in capacity and by the third year, it has reached 80% of its adult size. Early child learning has been defined as the education imparted on children within the first early years of child brain development to the age when they join formal education. The Australian government has therefore recognized that a child's early years are critical and has come up with various measures to ensure that child care is improved. The Government has also put in place an Early Years Learning Framework that guides early child learning practices within Australia. This Framework is largely play-based learning, while at the same time it educates on the importance language, communication and social and emotional development. Below are some of the benefits of incorporating deliberate early learning in child care;

It promotes Language and communication skills

As a child's brain rapidly grows from birth to the age of five years, their vocabulary increases as well. It is therefore important to ensure quality child care during these critical years. Structured centres for early learning boost a child's communication and language skills through activities such as singing, talking and telling each other stories. Such interactions challenge a child's mind leading them to question and explore their environment.

Early learning promotes Emotional and Social Development

Teachers in quality early learning centres have been trained on how to use real situations to teach children on how to handle frustrations and relations with others without punishing or making the child feel inadequate. This teaches children on how to behave with each other as well as be mindful of each other. Promotes mathematics and Reading skills As a child develops, their curiosity and need for skills grows as well. Early learning centres incorporate skills such as counting or sorting games and alphabet songs coupled with pictorials to improve mathematics and reading skills respectively.

Prepares a Child for Formal Schooling

Early learning centres are focused on lessons specific to a child's needs and progress. Early learning programmes better equip children with skills needed to successfully transition to the next level of formal education. With the skills obtained, the child gets the ability to grasp concepts that would be rather problematic if at all the child never got the chance to undergo an early learning programme. In this regard, early learning needs to be prioritized at an early stage as children grow to ensured desired development and growth.

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