Safety and Hazard Checklist for Day Care Centres

Every day, parents sent their kids to day care centres where they entrust the personnel to take care of and nurture their kids. But as you choose a child care centre, it's important to know that safety and hazards are completely checked off to ensure the well-being of your child. This should be a safe place for your kid that's free from any kind of safety hazard. Here are things you'll need to check out to ensure your child is safe.


The day care centre environment often poses hazards, compromising the safety of children. All the playground equipment and toys used by the children must be in proper working order. They shouldn't be broken, loose or rusty. The environment must be free of toxins like insecticides or lead paint. The different rooms occupied by children should also be clean and free from stacking hazards or clutter. The electrical and plumbing component throughout the building must be child-friendly and provide no hazards to the workers or kids.


Another popular safety problem parents should investigate is supervision procedures and policies instituted at the centre. What's the ratio of the workers to kids? If your child lacks proper supervision, they can get injured or hurt when they climb on things or when things fall on them. Through proper supervision, your child will always be watched. But, sometimes accidents do happen, so the workers in the centre must be certified in first aid.


Germs can easily spread in a day care centre if cleanliness isn't maintained. Therefore, all necessary precautions must be taken to prevent this. This includes the washing of hands by both the children and workers after using the toilet or before handling food. There also needs to be a policy for sick kids. The equipment and toys must be sanitised and cleaned regularly.


Another factor that must be considered is security at the centre. Each classroom and the playground should have video cameras. This will give the centre a reliable record of activities so everything can be reviewed as needed. Upon request, parents can also view the footage to know what goes on.

Other Hazards

Additional hazards that must be avoided in a day care centre include using cribs that aren't safe for toddlers. Cleaning substances must also be kept far from the young ones. Finally, fire extinguishers and smoke alarms should be installed.

Keep these safety concerns in mind as you select a child care centre for your child.