Looking for a Nanny? 3 Reasons Why a Nanny Agency Is the Way to Go

Finding the right nanny for your kids can be a daunting prospect. There are a host of questions to be asked and lots of details to be verified. Whether you find a nanny that suits your family is highly contingent on whether you get this vetting process correct. However, you can save yourself the risk and extra effort if you hire from a nanny agency.  Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider using a nanny agency when hiring a caregiver for your child.


The main reason why parents seek out nannies to take care of their children has a lot to do with their busy schedules. The process involved in hiring a nanny is not only time consuming, but also hectic. It includes posting advertisements, sifting resumes, conducting interviews, verifying documents and completing reference checks.  Due to time constraints, most parents could eventually end up with an unreliable caregiver. Nanny agencies are experts at this, and it is only prudent to let them assist you with this need. Most organisations can narrow down your choice to three suitable candidates who've been thoroughly screened, and all you need to do when you meet is to see if they connect with your child.

Regulation & Standards

The number one priority for all parents is to ensure that their children are safe. You want to be confident that you left your baby in the hands of a professional. Although the Australian Nanny Association is focused on promoting professionalism and implementing industry standards, the in-home childcare business still lacks proper regulation. The only standards available are those set by nanny agencies, and the ones set by the Australian Nanny Association aren't mandatory to all agencies. Most people who claim to be nannies online still come short on qualifications and experience.

Parental Support

Whether this is your first child, or it's your first time hiring a nanny, a nanny agency can provide you with guidance and support. Most agency directors are people who've worked with children and have a proper understanding of how to best support families and nannies as well. They can be an indispensable resource in parenting and can help parents by referring them to appropriate support services in your locality. Reliable agencies will also check in with you occasionally to evaluate progress. If your nanny isn't working out, they can find you a replacement with no extra costs.

Entrust the professionals to help you find a nanny who will meet your expectations and suit your family.This is not something to gamble with. For more information, contact a nanny agency.