Kindergarten Class: 2 Great Ideas for Spooky Halloween Fun

With Halloween just around the corner, you may be trying to think of exciting and spooky activities for your kindergarten class. Kids love Halloween, and it can be a great way to fire up children's imaginations while also allowing them to explore the excitement and fun of this annual event. Below is a guide to 2 things you can do with kids in a kindergarten class.

Spooky Mask Painting

There is nothing more fun than dressing up on Halloween. You should invite the children to attend kindergarten dressed as their favourite Halloween ghoul, witch or monster. The day before the dress up day, you should inflate a balloon for every child in the class and instruct the children to paste pieces of newspaper over the surface of the balloon using glue. The next day, you should insert a pin into each balloon before class to pop it. Doing this will leave you with a paper mache shell which can be painted by each child so that it becomes their own spooky mask.

The 'What's in the box?' Game

'What's in the box?' is a fun sensory game which is perfect for children of any age. All you need to create this game is a cardboard box, a sheet, a pair of scissors and a few different items which will be placed in the box. Turn the cardboard box upside down and use the scissors to cut a round hole in the bottom. Place the sheet over the box and cut a hole in it which corresponds to the hole in the box. You then need to collect some things which you can place in the box. For example, you may wish to place some jelly in the box. You then start by telling a spooky story about the ingredients a witch used to make a magic spell. Do not tell the children what the ingredients are, ask them to put their hands in the box so they can take turns to put their hands into the box and try to guess what it is they are touching. When thinking of things to put into the box, you may wish to put in items which will feel kind of gross and funny such as spaghetti, peeled hardboiled eggs and uncooked rice.

Try out these ideas this Halloween and let the kids in your class really embrace this fantastic celebration of everything spooky and exciting.